How Lead Exposure Can Take A Toll On Your Health

Lead is one of the most dangerous chemical elements. Its effects can take a toll on children, pets, adults, expectant women and just about any living thing it comes in contact with. Fortunately, you can always hire a lead removal company to conduct a lead analysis test and find out if your home or office is putting you at risk of getting exposed to lead. The test involves taking samples of the paint on your wall for lab tests. Keep in mind though that lead can also be found in toys and other domestic products. Taking preventive measures into account before things get of hand is therefore highly recommended. That is where checking out for symptoms of lead exposure in your loved ones come into the picture.

Symptoms in children

First off, children have high chances of getting exposed compared to adults. The toys they use, along with the kind of paint used at home or where they school may mean they get exposed more often. Vomiting, constipation, attention deficit, hearing loss and developmental delay are some of the most common symptoms children exude after getting exposed to lead for long. More at

Symptoms in adults

The symptoms are more or less similar to the ones children exude. Headaches are common, as vomiting is. Other symptoms include reduced sperm count, memory loss, abdominal pain and marriages or still births in women.

Toxic lead

Symptoms in pets

Pets too can get exposed and suffer from health conditions associated with overexposure to lead. You may however have to be careful to identify some of the symptoms pets exude after exposure. The symptoms may include vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea.

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